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A very special trekking for the peace of mind and happiness in life :


Meditation is nothing but the art of training and awakening of our mind. It means, simply, a journey to Awareness. The awareness of the condition of the Body, the feeling on the Movements, the Sensations and the Thoughts of the Mind which occur from moment to moment. It is the process of Unconditioning of the mind. In other words, it means the attainment of limitless modification of the Mind, or the awakening of the Blissfulness. Meditation is also said to be the Method of Taming the malign and the devil nature of the Mind. It is also the system of concentrating the Mind to reach to the destination of the objects of which a meditation is aspiring for.

Meditation may also be styled as the Mental Culture or the Development of the Mind. To meditate properly is meant, to come to peace, to come to an End of Thought-process and to achieve Complete Stillness of the Mind. To meditate means to be completely awake and to be fully in the present only. The essential with regard to meditation, is to be aware of the situation, what is going on here and now only. One must neither brood over the past memories, nor to be speculative about the future events. Meditation is not something in the form of a magic-wand, but the Mode of Buddhistic Way of achieving the Discipline of the Mind, within the frame-work of the four Noble Truths and the Noble Eight-fold Path, which are inter-oven and required to be practiced currently. Meditation is the only way to calm the Mind and actually to discover the truth of the Life itself. In short, Meditation is the only process of unfolding the mysterious and the elusive character of the Mind that engulf us in the world of miseries.

Purpose of Meditation Trek

The Body and the Mind are the two main constituents of all human beings. Of these two, the meditation is the guiding factor which governs all human activities. Now we human are almost busy in work whatever the work like mental work or physical work and we feel tired and also some of we have worry in life and no peace in mind. And it may be the cause of our unhappiness and unhealthy life. And it has already mentioned that Meditation is the most effective for the peace in mind and happiness in life. And you may have very busy in work and may be you are planning to come Nepal for trekking to enjoy your holiday life. This kind of trekking will help you to enjoy your holiday happily and it will help you to understand the life and you will know how to be happy in your life even your busy life. Because you will not only enjoy the trek happily with a great fun but you will get more things more than you expected in your life to live a blissful life. So Meditation trekking is a way to be happiness with peace of mind and the full enjoy of nature with beautiful sceneries.

Specially, we have made different packages for the Meditation Trek and all the packages we arrange as T-House Lodge Trek Basis and the price is little high than the normal T-House Lodge Trek.




Tengboche Meditation trek via Phaplu

And also we arrange a Meditation Tour in the birth place of Lord Buddha, LUMBINI.




Fix departure date:
6 November 2015

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